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Cabrillo's Skip-A-Payment Program

We understand that money can get tight at times.

With our Skip-A-Payment program, you can skip any or all of your qualifying Cabrillo loan payments one time, between now and October 31.

Who qualifies for our Holiday Skip program?

If your account is in good standing, you qualify. (Good standing is defined as a current loan and no negative shares on your account.) New loans qualify after you make your first payment.

What types of loans can I skip?

You can skip most secured and unsecured loans you have with Cabrillo, including your auto loan. (Mortgages and HELOCs are not eligible for our Holiday Skip program.)

Can I skip my Cabrillo Mastercard® payment?

If you have a Cabrillo Mastercard® in good standing, we will automatically skip your December Mastercard® payment, unless you choose to opt out.

How much does the Holiday Skip cost?

There is a $25 fee per loan for our Skip-A-Payment program. Skipping your loan payment will lengthen the term of your loan, but it frees up your payment for the month, without negatively affecting your credit.

How do I skip my loan?

If your loan (or loans) are eligible for our Holiday Skip program, you will see the option in eBranch and our mobile application.

Simply follow the steps to automatically skip your loan payment.

If approved, you will receive immediate notification that your loan payment has been skipped.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to make your full November payment before the Holiday Skip will be available on your account.

If you have questions, please speak with a Member Support Representative


*Available for consumer loans in good standing. Skip-A-Payment is offered on approved credit. Interest will continue to accrue. Once your December loan payment due date has passed, a Holiday Skip request cannot be granted. Skipping your loan payment will lengthen the term of your loan, and may reduce a claim on your GAP policy, if applicable. Speak to a representative for terms and details.