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Message from Our CEO-April 2018

Dear Member-Owner,

As a member-owner of Cabrillo Credit Union, I feel it is important that we keep you informed about the exciting things going on at your credit union. In February, we embarked on a new opportunity to better serve you. 

Now you can shop for a new or used vehicle with the convenience of knowing you can finance your purchase directly with Cabrillo at many auto dealerships in San Diego. This is a significant milestone for Cabrillo and one we are excited to share. We believe that offering this level of convenience for you is in direct alignment with our mission:  

To enrich the lives of our member-owners, one relationship at a time.

I would also like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with a key part of our leadership team, the Cabrillo Board of Directors.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
As a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution, our credit union has a unique business model. As a member-owner you own the credit union through the $5 share you hold in your savings account. 

With this single share you also have the right and responsibility to elect the seven volunteer Board of Directors to represent you and your family’s changing needs.

The Cabrillo Board is responsible for leading the strategic success of your credit union, by representing the interests of all member-owners, including Cabrillo’s five main membership segments within our charter, including:

  • Federal and Civil Service Employees and Retirees in San Diego County (This group includes BP, CBP, DOJ, GSA, FBI, FAA, and many others.)
  • Sharp HealthCare Employees and Retirees
  • City of Carlsbad Employees
  • San Diego County Residents
  • Family members of the groups listed above

I am impressed to see that you have consistently elected a diverse group of Board Members, who bring decades of professional and leadership experience, to aide in the oversight of your credit union. Their hard work and diligence has not only helped Cabrillo to grow profitably over the years, but also to maximize giveback to our member-owners, which helps put more money in your pocket.

In my many years of credit union leadership, I have never seen a Board of Directors better represent the membership and serve with more passion and enthusiasm for our credit union, our member-owners, and our future.

As your new CEO, it has been exceptionally valuable to have a supportive Board, with so many years of credit union experience and governance. Each month, your Board members donate countless hours to the success of Cabrillo. Serving you is paramount to me and having a Board who represents the full diversity and interests of our membership is vital to our long-term success.

Let’s take a minute to meet your Board. These are men and women who not only have represented you for many years, but who have been instrumental in building our growth strategy for 2018 and beyond.

Mr. Bruce May, Chairman- Retired Police Lieutenant, Carlsbad City Police Department (Carlsbad City Employees and SD County Residents)

Ms. Randi Larsson, Vice Chair- Administrative Director, Sharp Memorial Outpatient Pavilion (Sharp HealthCare Employees and SD County Residents)

Mr. Armand Olvera, Treasurer- Retired Assistant Chief Patrol Agent, U.S. Border Patrol (Federal and Border Patrol Employees, FORBPO, and SD County Residents)

Ms. Marcella Serrano-Gomez- Supervisory Paralegal Specialist, Customs and Border Protection (Federal and CBP Employees and SD County Residents)

Mr. Bruce Schmidt- Retired Manager, Sharp Central Pharmacy (Sharp HealthCare Employees and SD County Residents)

Mr. Donald Shanahan- Retired City Attorney, Office of the City Attorney- Civil Division (Civil Service Employees and SD County Residents)

Mr. Paul Hamilton- Retired GSA Real Estate Director (Federal and GSA Employees and SD County Residents)

In addition to their admirable professional titles, our volunteers are all longtime residents of San Diego County. They have lived, served, and raised their families in our community. 

I am so proud to lead your credit union with the support and dedication of these exceptional individuals.


L. Dean Odle

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