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Message from Our CEO - March 2019

Thankfully the most recent government shutdown is now just a part of the history books.

Many of our members were only impacted by the constant news coverage. However, as a credit union originally founded by Border Patrol agents, thousands of Cabrillo members were directly affected by the shutdown.

I am proud to say that Cabrillo was able to support over 5,000 members during the shutdown. Whether it was via PAL (0% Payroll Assurance Loan), or through a furlough loan, members continued to receive their direct deposits, even though they were not getting paid.

As a cooperative, credit unions are formed to serve one another. While some members may not have felt the direct impact, they can feel proud that their resources helped support a fellow member. That is how credit unions work. Members pool their funds (via deposits) for other members who are in need of funds (via loans). As not-for-profit entities, there are no stockholders looking to make a profit off of your financial relationship. Instead, you, the member, are the shareholder. You appreciate the benefits of a credit union relationship through the services you enjoy.

Cabrillo is proud to embrace the credit union movement mission of “people helping people.” We do it every day; by serving you. You do it every day, by supporting your credit union and utilizing the products and services afforded to you as a Cabrillo member.

Thank you for your continued support of Cabrillo and our community of members.

P.S. Make sure to check out our In the News page for all of our media coverage on the things we have done for our community.

With Regards,


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