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Cabrillo Stands Ready with Assistance for Federal Employees

Worried about the next government shutdown? The good news is that Cabrillo’s got you covered!

As a credit union that has served Federal employees for more than 63 years, we have resources to help you get through tough times.

Payroll Assurance Loan (PAL)

PAL was created to help certain federal employees who temporarily don’t receive their payroll deposit, due to a natural disaster or government shutdown. Members who have signed up for PAL receive an available 0% APR* line of credit on their regular payday, even when the government doesn’t issue their payroll.

If you’re already signed up for PAL, you’re good to go! You’ll have a line of credit equal to the amount of your last check (up to $5,000). PAL will be available after 3:00 PM Pacific Time if there is any disruption in your paycheck.

PAL was designed to be repaid automatically when payroll does come in. 

If you don’t have PAL…sign up now! 

Although it is too late for the current government shutdown, we recommend signing up now, so you have it for next time.         

Not eligible for PAL or need additional assistance?

If you’re not eligible or aren’t a member yet…don’t worry.  We’re still here to help.

Cabrillo is offering a Furlough Loan, for up to 24 months at a 0% introductory rate for the first 2 months, then 5% APR* for the remainder of the term for members with direct deposit. Members without direct deposit will receive a rate of 9% APR with no 0% introductory rate.

This is another tool to assist you during a difficult time.

Need a Furlough Loan? Apply now.


*Annual Percentage Rate. On approved credit. Some restrictions apply. 

Need additional assistance?

If you feel that you need more assistance, please speak with a member of our Support Team. They are here to assist you and to find customized solutions for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions- Last Updated Friday, January 25, 7 AM

I’m already signed up for PAL, what do I need to do?

If you do not get paid, we will make a line of credit equal to your last direct deposit available for you, up to $5,000. All you have to do is login to eBranch or our mobile app and transfer the funds to your checking account from your PAL.

If I have a PAL, but no longer have my direct deposit at Cabrillo, what will happen?

PAL will not be activated if Cabrillo does not receive your direct deposit. You will then have to apply for a Furlough Loan.

Will PAL be activated for my entire direct deposit amount, even if I have allotments going to my savings?

Yes. We can manually increase the amount available in PAL to reflect your last full direct deposit amount. All you have to do is either send a secure message via eBranch, or speak with a representative for your account to be reviewed. 

What if I already have my direct deposit with Cabrillo, but do not have PAL?

All you have to do is complete the PAL application and we will make funds available in the amount of your last direct deposit. Please note that this has to be completed before we activate PAL. 

If both my spouse and I receive our direct deposits in the same checking account, will we both be covered by PAL? 

PAL will typically only be activated to cover one direct deposit. However, we will make an exception to manually increase the PAL available balance to reflect both direct deposit amounts. You will have to nofify us by sending a secure message via eBranch or speaking with a representative for your account to be reviewed. 

What if the shutdown lasts for longer than just a couple of weeks?

We stand ready to help should the shutdown drag out longer. We will increase the PAL credit limit should you not receive a third full paycheck. If the shutdown lasts longer than that, we will address member needs on an individual basis, to find additional ways we can help.

What if I’m not working at all during the shutdown?

Working or not, we’re still here to help. Even if you’re not working during the shutdown, it won’t necessarily disqualify you from our various Furlough assistance programs.

Are there fees for PAL?

No. There are no fees.

Can I pay off the PAL early?


What if I’m not a member of Cabrillo?

Why not become a member now? In addition to great products and services, Cabrillo understands the special nuances of being a Federal employee.  

What if the Shutdown doesn’t end or my hours are permanently reduced?

In such circumstances, we would evaluate each member’s situation on a case-by-case basis and do what we can to help our members on an individual level.

What fees are associated with the Furlough Loan?

Aside from the interest, there are no fees.

If I already have PAL, can I also apply for a Furlough Loan?

We are offering a Furlough Loan as an alternative for members who don't qualify for PAL and for people who weren't members prior to the shutdown.


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