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Introducing Pay a Friend

At lunch with a friend, but don’t have cash? Need to send money to someone who doesn’t have a Cabrillo account?

Send money to anyone in seconds, with Cabrillo’s Pay A Friend service.

Pay A Friend is fast, easy and secure.

  • Send money to a cell phone number or email address
  • Near real-time transactions (if your recipient has a debit card on a qualified network*)
  • No complicated registration for sending or receiving money
  • Additional security features, including a “pin pad” scrambler
  • Send up to $150 per day ($300 per week)

Try Pay A Friend for free until August 31

Get started now by logging into Cabrillo’s eBranch and click on Transfers and Pay A Friend.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t see Pay A Friend under Transfers on your mobile device, please make sure you update to the current mobile app, by visiting your app store.

*$2 per transaction fee applies beginning September 1, 2017. Qualified debit card networks include: Star®, NYCE®, Shazam®, CU24, and Accel/Exchange®. 


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