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Message from Our CEO- February 2018

Dear Member-Owner,

It has been a busy few weeks at Cabrillo. 

We started off the new year standing ready to assist member-owners in the event of a looming government shutdown. We are proud to support the 30% of our member-owners working for the Federal government.

If you are a Federal employee, you probably received communications from us, letting you know about the unique programs we have available to assist you during a furlough. 

Programs like our Payroll Assurance Loan (PAL) and our Furlough Loan are available to provide eligible members with financial support and continuity during a government shutdown.

Click here for information about Cabrillo's Furlough Assistance Programs

We strongly believe these programs set our credit union apart from other credit unions and banks. To our knowledge, we are the only financial institution in San Diego to offer this combination of programs to support our members. 

It is such a great feeling to be part of a team so committed to supporting you and your families during this time of uncertainty. It makes me proud to be a part of a team committed to serving those that serve our country and communities and stand ready to deliver on a simple yet powerful mission:

To enrich the lives of our member-owners, one relationship at a time.

I’d also like to share a few rewarding moments...

On Sunday, January 21st, our credit union was featured in the San Diego Union Tribune, for our support and dedication to Federal employees in San Diego. 

Additionally, we were the only financial institution in San Diego to be featured in a news segment on CBS 8 and NBC 7.

Links can be found on our Cabrillo In the News page.

Your Cabrillo team is prepared to serve and assist you. We are deeply passionate about enriching the lives of our member-owners and it was heartwarming to see us acknowledged by our local news media for the work that we do, and the support we provide to our members.

Fortunately, for the time-being a government shutdown was avoided, but many of our members and their families and friends are still faced with uncertainty. Rest assured, our Board of Directors, my team, and I are here to support and serve you.

I hope you feel the same sense of pride and commitment about your membership at Cabrillo that we do and we encourage you to share this message with your family and friends working for our Federal government in San Diego County.

With Regards,

Dean Odle, CEO

P.S.  If you didn’t get an opportunity to read my last message, you can find it here.

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