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Your Vote Counts

As a member-owner of Cabrillo Credit Union, you elect the seven volunteer Board of Directors, who are responsible for leading the strategic success of your credit union.

We are in the middle of an election for 3 open seats on the Board of Directors and one open seat on the Supervisory Committee. 

Ballot information was sent to eligible member-owners via mail or email.

If you have not received your ballot via mail or email, don't worry. Just click on the link below to vote.

Please take a moment to review the ballot and vote for your Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee.

Remember, your vote counts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an elections?

Credit unions are unique in that members get to elect their Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members.

Who should I vote for?

Members are encouraged to read the bios and make their selection. There are 3 positions on the Board up for election and 1 Supervisory Committee position. There are 6 people running for the Board seats and 3 people running for the Supervisory seat. Each member’s vote is important.

How can I vote?

Members signed up for estatements will receive a ballot electronically. Members who receive a paper statement will receive a paper ballot. Ballots were mailed the week of 4/9/18. All members may vote electronically. The link is on Cabrillo’s website. 

It's not accepting my account number on the electronic system?

Remember, the member must be primary on the account. If the member is primary on multiple accounts, the OLDEST account was selected for voting purposes.

Who’s eligible to vote?

Each primary member 18 or older is entitled to one vote. Joint owners are not members and are not permitted to vote.

What if I vote twice?

The voting systems in place ensure that members may not vote more than once. The first vote cast is the vote that is counted.

When is the last day I can vote?

Election concludes May 11.

When will we know the results?

Results of the election will be announced at the Annual Meeting, May 16, 2018, 5:00,10075 Carroll Canyon Rd. San Diego, CA 92131.

Can I attend the Annual Meeting?

Members are asked to RSVP if they plan to attend the Annual Meeting.  

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