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Youth Accounts

Young Explorers (ages 0-14)

Teach Your Kids to Save

This account was designed to teach children, up to age 14, about the value of money and savings. Our goal is to help children prepare for life by building good savings habits now. It takes just $25 to open a Young Explorers savings account. Get your child (or grandchild) started down the path to financial independence by opening a Young Explorers account today.

To open a Young Explorers account, please visit any one of our branch offices today!

Educational Resources

A Kid's Guide to Accounting

Peter Pig

Money Metropolis


SOCAL Account (ages 14-18)

Teaching Youth Financial Responsibility

SOCAL Checking

  • Only $25 needed to open your checking account.
  • Learn how to balance your checking account and how to use an ATM and Debit Card.
  • View your account electronically using eBranch.
  • Sign up for eStatements to help you balance your account.

Auto Loan

Getting your first car is very important. When you reach the legal driving age, you can begin to build your credit and apply for an auto loan. You will need your parents to complete this application process with you. Let us know when you're ready for that first ride!

Share Certificates

  • This is a great way to save for something special, a new car, bike, or computer/laptop.
  • You start by putting $500 into this account. Then you watch it grow for 12 months. You can make monthly deposits with as little as $25!
  • Use the savings calculator to predict how your money can grow!

To open a SOCAL account, visit any of our branch offices with your parent or guardian. Don't forget to bring a valid form of ID to get started. Examples of valid forms of ID include: Military ID, California DMV ID, School ID (with photo), or Passport.

Youth Financial Fitness

Education and Quiz

Educational Games

Financial Football
Financial Soccer


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