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How do I perform a wire transfer?

We send/accept both domestic and foreign wire transfers. The deadline for sending same-day wires is 12:00 p.m. PST.  Wire forms for over $25,000 that are not signed in our offices, will require the form to be notarized. Written authorization is required for all outgoing wires.  Incoming wires are initiated by the financial institution sending the funds. Feel free to contact our Member Support Department at 800.222.7455 for additional information.

Outgoing Wire Transfers
Please contact the receiving institution for specific wiring instructions. The account holder assumes sole responsibility for providing correct wiring instructions.

When requesting a wire transfer in the continental U.S., please have the following information available:

  • Your name, Cabrillo CU account number, and the amount of the transfer.
  • The full legal name of the receiving financial institution and their on-line Federal Reserve routing number (ABA number).
  • Full name, account number, and address to which the transfer will be credited.
  • Written, signed authorization is required for all wire transfers.

Outgoing wires can be sent Monday-Friday. Instructions must be received by noon for wire transfers to be sent that day. Cabrillo CU cannot guarantee same-day availability. A fee may apply for outgoing wires. Notarization may apply for outgoing wire transfer over $25k.


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