Credit Card

How do I make my credit card payment?

Credit Card payments can be sent to:

Cabrillo Credit Union
5814 Van Allen Way
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Members can also establish automatic monthly payments from their checking or savings account in eBranch. While logged into eBranch, click on the Transfer tab and choose Recurring Transfer. Choose which account you would like your payments to come from and which account (credit card or other) you would like the payment posted to. You can either specify the date you want the payments to stop or choose the option “Continue until cancelled,” then click “Submit.”

Note: Establishing a recurring payment to your MasterCard in eBranch will only let you do so for your minimum monthly payment. If you would like to set it up for more than the minimum, contact the Member Support Department at 800.222.7455 and they can setup the transfer for you for any amount you would like.

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