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Avoid Foreclosure

Times are tough. Cabrillo Credit Union is here to help. Cabrillo knows members do not want to lose their homes. If you find yourself struggling to meet your Mortgage payment obligations, please contact the credit union to evaluate options to help you remain in your home. Take the time now to contact us to see what we can do to help. The longer you wait to contact us delays everyone in helping you reach your goal of keeping your home and maintaining financial stability.

Steps To Take:

  1. Contact the credit union at: 800.222.7455 ext. 112.
  2. Complete the Member Assistance Program (MAP) application.
  3. Gather documents requested in the MAP Application. Missing documents can delay the processing of your request.

Documents needed:

  • Checking & Savings Statements
  • Proof of Income
  • Co-Borrower, if applicable, for any Real Estate assistance requests

Additional Resources:

  • Contact HUD to speak to a HUD-certified housing counselor at 800.569.4287
  • Homeownership Preservation Program - 1.888.995.HOPE (1.888.995.4673) or www.995hope.org
  • Free Credit Counseling - BALANCE 1.888.456.2227 or www.balancetrack.org
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