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Fee Schedule

Effective May 24, 2017
Electronic Bill Payment - Unlimited Service FREE
Pay A Friend Transfer Fee $2.00
Checks Cashed (non-members without checking accounts or $1,000 on deposit) $5.00
Stop Payment on Cashier’s Check (with bond only) $10.00
Stop Payment/Revocation of Incoming Automatic Withdrawal $12.00
Overdrawn ACH Debit $25.00
Domestic Wire Transfer $15.00
Foreign Wire Transfer $40.00
Fee to Close Account (within 6 month period) $6.00
Membership Fee to Reopen Account (within 6 month period) $5.00
Checks Accepted for Deposit Returned Unpaid $15.00
Cashier’s Checks $3.00
Account Research/Reconciliation
     Last two months
     Beyond two months
$15.00 per hour
$20.00 per hour
Photocopy of Statement $5.00
Individual Retirement Account Annual Fee $12.00
Escheat Notification Fee $2.00
Inactive Account Fee for 6 Months $3.00
Undeliverable Mail (annually) $2.00
Cash Handling (per $10,000) $5.00
Collections Items (processing) $35.00+
Lien Satisfied $10.00
Money Market Checks Paid After 6 in a Month $12.00
Levy/Garnishment Fee $25.00
VISA® Gift Cards $3.00
Checks Negotiated for Business $5.00<$500 or (greater of) 1% of check
Loan Fees
Returned Loan Payment $20.00
Reconveyance Fee $45.00
Loan Reapplication Within 6 Months of Denial $15.00
Maximum fees represented. Certain fees will be waived based upon relationship with credit union.
Checking Accounts
Big Easy Checking Monthly Fee FREE
Advantage Checking Account Monthly Fee FREE
Basic Checking Monthly Fee $10.00
SOCAL Checking Monthly Fee FREE
Transfer From Savings to Clear Incoming Debits
     (6 per month) 
     (7 or more per month returned unpaid)
Transfer From Other Checking to Clear Incoming Drafts $2.00
Overdrawn Fees
     Overdrawn Item Returned
     Overdrawn Item Paid
     ATM/Debit Card Overdraft Paid
Stop Payments $10.00
Copy of Paid Check (2 free per statement period) $2.00
Check Printing Fees Vary
Temporary Check(s) (8) $2.00
Copy of Deposited Item $10.00
ATM & Debit Card Fees
Initial Account Card(s) FREE
Replacement Card or PIN Reissue $5.00
Expedited Mail $10.00
Deposits Returned Due To:
     Incorrect deposit information 
     Empty deposit envelopes
     Returned deposit
$20.00 each
ATM/Debit Card Overdraft Paid $25.00
Foreign Transactions 1% of purchase
CO-OP® Transactions FREE
Star® or Cirrus® System Transactions $1.00
Copy of Merchant Debit Card Receipt $6.00
Point-of-Sale/ATM Surcharges varies by outlet
CU Service Center Fees
Check Withdrawal $5.00
Check Deposits
     First 15 checks
     16 or more checks
$0.20 per check
Checks Accepted for Deposit Returned Unpaid $15.00
Rolled Coin Purchase/Deposit (if available) $0.25 per roll
Fax Request
     First page
     Each additional page
Money Orders (if available) $3.00
Photocopies $0.50
Indemnification Agreement $15.00
Notary (by appointment) varies by outlet


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