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Browser Help

Recommended Browser Configurations

To get the most out of www.cabrillocu.com and eBranch we recommend you have the latest updates installed for your web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome). Here are some links to the latest versions of each of our recommended browsers, where you can upload the most up-to-date version for free:

Google Chrome 
Mozilla Firefox 
Internet Explorer 

Additionally, Java should be updated regularly. We also recommend pop-ups be disabled for our website and eBranch to ensure you get the most from the features they offer. Some pages of our site require the use of Adobe© Acrobat© reader. This is free software that you can download from Adobe's website. If you have any questions, please click the 'Contact Us' link in the top right corner of the site.

Bill Payment – Enable Pop-up Windows

To maximize your searching capability, occasionally the site uses pop-up windows. These windows allow you additional content without leaving the page you are on. If you experience any challenges with viewing these windows, the following instructions will assist you.

Remove Pop-Up Blockers

In order for Cabrillo Credit Union’s website to work properly, pop-ups must be enabled. Also, JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled in your web browser. To make sure you have pop-ups enabled for cabrillocu.com, follow the steps below to manually check your pop-up settings. In addition to the pop-up blockers on your browser, third party vendors and Internet Service Providers may also have pop-ups blocked. They are too numerous to document all of them, however be aware that those too could be blocking your access to our website.

How to Enable Pop-ups

If you do not have pop-ups enabled on your browser, the site may not display as designed. To enable your browser for pop-ups follow the steps that apply to the browser you are using. Note: Some security software and toolbars such as Google and Yahoo may also block pop-ups.

PC Users

Internet Explorer

  1. From Tools, go to 'Pop-up Blocker,' and then click on 'Pop-up Blocker Settings'
  2. Type cabrillocu.com in the box 'Address of website to allow:' and click Add
  3. Set the Filter Level to Medium: Block most automatic pop-ups
  4. Click Close


  1. From Tools select Options
  2. Select the 'Content' icon
  3. Ensure Block Pop-up Windows is unchecked OR alternatively
  4. If it is checked, click on 'Exceptions' and type cabrillocu.com in the box ‘Address of web site:’ and click Allow
  5. Click Close
  6. Click OK

Mac Users


  1. From the Safari menu select 'Preferences'
  2. Select the 'Security' icon
  3. Ensure 'Block pop-up windows' is unchecked


  1. From Firefox select Preferences
  2. Select the 'Content' icon
  3. Ensure 'Block pop-up windows' is unchecked OR alternatively
  4. If it is checked, click on 'Exceptions' and type cabrillocu.com in the box ‘Address of web site:’ and click Allow
  5. Click OK

eBranch Access - How to Enable Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information stored by your computer to remember aspects of your visit to our website. You will not be able to take advantage of certain features if your web browser is set to refuse cookies from our website. Here are basic instructions for adjusting your browser to allow cookies. If the browser you use is not listed, please consult the online help files within your browser window. If you are unsure of what browser version you have then open your browser, click on Help, and click the "About" option.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Click on the Privacy icon
  4. Click on the Default button. Move the slider so that it is on one of the levels below Medium High (including Medium, Low, Accept All Cookies). Save changes by clicking OK

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Select Options
  3. Click on the Privacy tab
  4. Check the Accept cookies from sites checkboxes
  5. Save changes by clicking OK


  1. Click on the Safari-menu
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Click on the Security icon
  4. Under Accept Cookies the Always or Only from sites I visit must be selected
  5. Save changes by clicking OK

eBranch Access - Deleting Saved Login Credentials

The following will assist you in removing saved eBranch passwords from your browser. Saving login credentials can sometimes cause login errors.

Internet Explorer
1. Open the Tools menu
2. Select Internet Options
3. Click Content
4. Under AutoComplete, click Settings
5. Click Delete AutoComplete history…
To prevent AutoComplete in the future, make sure AutoComplete is deselected for User names and passwords on forms, and then click on OK

1. In the menu bar, open the Tools menu
2. Select Options
3. Switch to the Security tab
4. Click on Saved Passwords
To eliminate specific saved passwords, click View Saved Passwords and delete just those associated with Cabrillo

1. Open the Safari menu
2. Select Preferences
3. Switch to the Autofill tab
4. Click the Edit button for Usernames and Passwords
5. Delete the entry that corresponds with cabrillocu.com

1. Open the Settings menu
2. Select Show advanced settings…
3. Under Passwords and forms, click manage saved passwords
4. Delete the entry that corresponds with cabrillocu.com

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