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General VISA® Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions about your VISA® Credit or VISA®Debit Cards.

VISA® contactless cards are quick, secure, and convenient.

When will it arrive?

Rest easy, there’s nothing you need to do now. As the transition gets closer, we’ll send you additional details. Be on the lookout for future communication regarding your new card.


What it means for you?

  • You'll be receiving a new card with a VISA logo as this card replaces your existing Cabrillo card.
  • You’ll need to activate your new card as soon as you receive it and destroy and discard your current card.
  • Once your new card is activated, your current card will be deactivated.


What will change?

  • Activation and PIN Change: The new card comes with a new card number, expiration date, and CVV (Card Verification Value) so you may need to update any merchants who automatically bill your account with this new information.
  • On September 10, 2024, your current card will be automatically disabled.
  • Additional detailed instructions will be included with your new card.


What will stay the same?

  • Online Banking: There are no changes to our online banking services. You can continue to access your accounts with ease.
  • Network Affiliation: You'll still have access to the CO-OP network for ATM services and other banking needs.
  • Our Commitment: You can expect the same exceptional service you've come to rely on.


What you need to do?

  • Update Automatic Payments and Bills: Most major merchants will automatically update any scheduled payments, bills, or recurring transactions with your new card information. Please ensure you verify the above for a seamless transition.
  • Enroll in Digital Wallet: If you use digital wallets, don't forget to enroll your new VISA card with Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, or Samsung Pay®.
  • Set Up Card Controls: Customize your card experience by setting up any desired alerts or special settings using the Card Controls feature within online banking.


When is the last day of use?

Please note that your current card will be deactivated on September 10, 2024, or as soon as you activate your new card. Ensure you've activated your new VISA card before then to avoid any interruptions in your banking services.


What is VISA® Contactless Tap to Pay?

Tapping to pay with a VISA® contactless card or payment-enabled device is a secure and convenient way to make everyday purchases. It gets cardholders through checkout quickly with a simple way to pay. Tap to pay is now accepted at thousands of merchants in the US, including grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and other businesses.

Tapping to pay with your Cabrillo Credit Union VISA® Card contactless card is a secure, convenient and touch-free way to make everyday purchases. It gets you through contactless-enabled checkout quickly with a secure and touch-free way to pay. 


Benefits Available on all Cabrillo VISA®  Cards

  • VISA® contactless card with EMV chip for enhanced security
  • Tap-to-pay is available. Instant, easy transactions with just a tap on a card reader - look for the icon
  • Contactless transactions are safe and secure
  • Travel and Emergency Assistance and Roadside Dispatch
  • Lost or stolen card reporting & Emergency card replacement
  • Add your credit card to digital and mobile wallets - Google Pay™, Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay™
  • VISA's Zero Liability Policy**


Available on all Cabrillo VISA® Credit Cards

Digital Wallet Ready

Add your card to your Apple®, Google® or Samsung® wallet for on the go convenience.

Contactless Enabled Cards

Just tap and go! Enjoy a faster, easier and secure way of paying.


Automatic payments

Set up one-time or recurring payments for all your bills so nothing goes unpaid.


Leave your card at home by adding it to your Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay™ mobile wallet.

Our Cabrillo Traditional VISA® Credit Card offers a seamless payment experience.

Visa and Visa Signature are registered trademarks of Visa International Service Association.

*Apple Pay® is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.Samsung Pay® is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Only compatible with select cards, carriers and Samsung devices; see the Samsung Pay support page for compatibility information. Google Pay™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

**Cabrillo Credit Union cardholders are responsible for the payment of any and all charges associated with any goods, services, reservations or bookings purchased or arranged by the Visa Signature Concierge on cardholders’ behalf. Any such purchases or arrangements are solely between the cardholder and the respective merchant, and Visa is not a party to the transaction. All goods and services subject to availability. See full terms of service at

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