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Card Controls

Introducing Card Controls by Cabrillo

Card Controls is Cabrillo's easy to use tool to protect your debit and credit card and fight fraud. 

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Complete Control of Your Cards

Card Controls gives you complete control of your Cabrillo cards, using your smartphone. Turn off your cards when you aren't using them to prevent fraud. With the easy switch of a button, you can turn your cards on to use them.

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Customized Control Preferences

Control the locations where your cards can be used, the types of merchants you will allow your cards to be used at, the terminal types you want to allow and set per transaction limits.

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Merchant Type Controls

Don’t travel? No problem!

Protect yourself and turn off the merchant types that you do not use.

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Set Spending Limits

Setting per transaction limits is a great way to budget. It is also a great tool to prevent fraud. If you plan on making a larger purchase, simply adjust your limits. Adjust freely on your own terms.

Transaction Controls screenshot

Transaction Controls

Transaction Controls let you dictate the types of terminals where your cards can be used. Knowing what types of terminals you most frequently use will let you know which ones you can disable. Simply flip a switch to disable terminal types that you don't use.

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Transaction Details

Easily view details on any card transactions, including transaction status, amount, type, and more.

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Get Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time transaction notifications any time your cards are used. 



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