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Credit Score by SavvyMoney®

Your eBranch Experience Just Got Better!

Get your credit score and credit report!

When you login to online banking, you'll now have the option to view your credit score, along with personalized tips on how to improve or maintain your score. 


How to access your Credit Score:

Log into online banking from your computer or mobile device.

 Access the left side menu, and click on "Credit Score".

Enroll to acess your account, and you're all set!

You now have access to all these benefits:

  • Find savings opportunities.
  • Prevent identity theft through free credit monitoring. Watch for things like new accounts being opened, changes in address or anything else that looks "off".
  • Understand what influences your score, and make the right financial choices.
  • Increasing your score can help you qualify for lower interest rates and save you money. The better your score, the better the rates!

For more information on Credit Score, please contact a Virtual Branch Representative.