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Message from Our CEO

Dear Member-Owner,

We started off the new year standing ready to assist member-owners in the event of a looming government shutdown. We are proud to support the 30% of our member-owners working for the Federal government.

If you are a Federal employee, you probably received communications from us, letting you know about the unique programs we have available to assist you during a furlough.

Programs like our Payroll Assurance Loan (PAL) and our Furlough Loan are available to provide eligible members with financial support and continuity during a government shutdown.

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Loan Rates As low as
Auto Loans 1.90% APR
Credit Card 9.90% APR
Real Estate Varies
Personal 9.65% APR


Deposit Rates As high as
Certificate 1.41% APY
Money Market 0.20% APY
Savings 0.05% APY


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