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Save a tree, we don't charge a fee

It's easy to go paperless

When you opt-in to receive eStatements, you are saying yes to a faster and more secure way to receive your statements.

Now you can receive and store all of your monthly account statements electronically. They come organized in folders for you, so you can easily find the statement you wish to view. eStatements are posted in eBranch at the beginning of each month for share accounts, and in the middle of the month for credit cards. We'll send you email notifications when your eStatements are available to view online, and we'll archive your eStatements. 

For access to this service, log into eBranch and simply click on eServices > eStatements on the left menu.

Why should you sign up for eStatements?

1.  Available Immediately
Instead of waiting for your statement to arrive in the mail, you can view it online as soon as it's ready. When your monthly statement is ready to view, you'll receive an email notification.
2.  View Statements More Securely
When you view your statment through Cabrillo's online portal, eBranch, there's an added layer of security that only you can access with your username and password. eStatements reduce the risk of a paper statement getting lost or stolen in the mail.
3.  Easy to Sign-Up
If you haven't already, simply enroll in eBranch to have the convenience of the credit union at your fingertips. Once logged in to eBranch, go to eServices > eStatements and choose to activate eStatements.
4.  Live Greener
Choosing to receive your eStatements online means printing less paper, saving more trees and reducing your carbon footprint. 
5.  Stay Organized and Have Constant Availability
We do the organizing so you don't have to! All of your statements will be organized in yearly folders with the statement month in the file name. When they're stored in our online portal, you can access your statements whenever you need to, for up to 18 months. 
6.  No Fees!
With no cost to you, sign up to take advantage of our eStatements    


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