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I wanted to personally thank you for helping me 2 years ago when I was having financial problems. I needed a loan and you helped me refinance my car to consolidate a significant amount of credit card debt. I appreciate that you took the time to counsel me on how I could improve my situation.  Your explanation of the “snow ball” effect really opened my eyes to how I was spending (and wasting) money. I immediately took your advice and committed myself to making smart decisions with my money. 

Well, I can PROUDLY say it’s been 2 years and I’m now DEBT FREE!

I completely changed my mentality on how I make purchases and most importantly, my “needs vs. wants”. It was awesome seeing my credit score go up slowly as I paid off each debt! The most exciting news is that, I JUST BOUGHT MY NEW CONDO! I am now a home owner!

I’m very thankful and blessed! I’m a very happy Member of the Cabrillo Credit Union Family!

— Member Since 2007

I recently needed a loan fast. The team at Cabrillo was able to review my application and fund my loan the same day. I appreciate how everyone at Cabrillo seems to go out of their way to help their members. It is very rare to find this kind of service anymore…unless you’re a member of Cabrillo. Thanks for always having my back!

— Member Since 2003

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