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How do I set up Alerts?

While logged in to eBranch, go to eServices > Account Alerts. Using the dropdown on the right, select the type of Alert to set up.

What types of Alerts can I set up?

You can set up the following Alerts:
• Date Alerts - Birthday, Anniversary, Meeting, Call, Wakeup, Appointment, Vacation, Travel, General
• Account Alerts - Based on current and available balance
• History Alerts - Debit transaction, credit transaction, check number, description
• Online Transaction Alerts - Alert when the following are processed online: Change of Address, Check Reorder, External Transfer, Funds Transfer, Send Check and Stop Payment
• Security Alerts - Enable/Disable predefined security alerts
Delivery methods are: secure message only, email, phone, or text message. Only one method may be chosen per alert.
When you create an alert, it takes effect immediately and stays in effect until you disable or delete it. You can set an alert to occur immediately. If you miss an alert, you may need to change settings or double-check the Messages inbox. If you don't see an email alert, check your junk email folder. If your alert was delivered there, configure your mail settings to allow messages from our email address.
Tip: when you select Every Occurrence, a Transaction Alert is sent every time the conditions match.

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