Can I finance my DMV registration into the loan?

Yes. We can finance your initial registration and every year thereafter, as long as you have the loan with Cabrillo. We just add the DMV costs to your loan principal.

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Do you match auto loan rates from elsewhere?

We do better than that! We guarantee that we can either meet or beat other auto loan rates, but if we can’t, then we give you $50.

Do you offer a loan discount for "green" vehicles?

Yes. You can receive a 0.25% rate discount when you finance a hybrid vehicle.

I do not see a Skip-A-Payment banner. How do I request to Skip my payment?

There may be several reasons the banner is not displayed on your account. As an example, the loan due date might not be reflecting a December due date yet or the checking/savings account balance may be overdrawn, to cite two reasons. Please call us at 800.222.7455 if you have further questions regarding skip qualifications.

What are your auto loan rates?

To view our competitive rates, click here.

Where do I send proof of insurance?

Proof of insurance can be sent as an attachment via eBranch message to our Loan Support or mailed to:
Cabrillo Credit Union
PO Box 790384
San Antonio, TX 78279-0384

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