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Mobile Deposit

How do I enroll in Mobile Deposit?

Enrollment in Mobile Deposit is based on eligibility. Contact Member Support at 800.222.7455 for questions regarding eligibility. You may enroll in Mobile Deposit on any device; log in to eBranch and select the menu option eServices > Mobile Deposit Enrollment. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and submit. You will need to log off and back on if using a smartphone or tablet to deposit a check.

How can I make a Mobile Deposit?

If you just enrolled on your smartphone or tablet, log off and back on. Go to the menu option eServices > Deposit A Check and submit the required information, including taking a picture of the front and back of the check.

Does my phone’s camera have access to take a picture?

If you have already enrolled in Mobile Deposit and see an error message when trying to capture the front and back images, check if your iPhone® or Android™ allows the mobile application to use the camera.
iPhone®: go to Settings > Privacy > Camera, the slide bar next to Cabrillo CU will need to be enabled (green) to allow access.
Android™: go to Settings > Apps > Cabrillo CU, scroll down to Permissions. Verify that the camera is listed under Permissions.

I took the front and back image but can’t submit.

eBranch provides members with a unified user experience across all devices; this means that if you are on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer you will have the same experience. In some instances, you may need to scroll down to see the buttons to submit or see more information. Try scrolling down if you do not see the option to submit your deposit.

Why am I receiving an error when attempting a Mobile Deposit?

Checks may only be deposited to the primary account that is associated with your eBranch Login ID. If you are receiving an error, try depositing to another account and transferring the funds to the appropriate account.

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