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What is a Secure Access Code and why do I need it to log in?

Multiple layers of security help ensure your Online Banking information is protected from fraud and identity theft. A Secure Access Code (SAC for short) is that extra layer that protects you. If your Online Banking account were to be hacked and a fraudster tracked down your Login ID and Password, the only thing left to protect you is the SAC. The fraudster would also had to have compromised your email address and cell or home phone to get the SAC to then access your account.

Does my Secure Access Code expire?

Each Secure Access Code you request is valid for 60 minutes. If a SAC has been used already it cannot be used again. Requesting multiple SACs expires the previous ones.

What if I don’t receive my Secure Access Code?

If you request to receive your code by email and don’t receive it, check your Junk or Spam folder on your email folders. If your email service doesn’t recognize an email address it may automatically flag the email as Junk or Spam; simply add the Secure Access Code email address to your contacts to avoid this in the future.
If you request to receive your code by SMS (text message) and you don’t receive it, it may be due to the signal, the area you’re in, or a delay in the carrier’s service. Try requesting the Secure Access Code by a different method instead (remember-if you request a second code the first one will have expired).

I don’t want to register my device, do I have to?

Registering your device only means that the next time you log on you will be recognized and will not have to request a Secure Access Code again. You would not want to register your device in places that are public or devices that are not in your possession.

I registered my device, why am I asked again to register my device?

The system registers your device’s browser using a technology called Cookies. You might have your browser set to delete cookies every time you close your browser. There are steps you can take to make changes to not delete cookies or to retain cookies for www.cabrillocu.com.
If you use computer cleaners, those settings may be overriding settings within the browser. So, even if you change settings for your browser to not delete cookies, your computer cleaner may still be set to delete and will still delete every time you close the browser.

I always get an error when I try to log in, what’s going on?

You may have changed your password or did not enter it correctly. If you cannot remember your password, select Forgot Password.
Your browser may also be saving your login credentials. If you had recently changed your password it’s possible that the old password is being remembered. If this is the case, follow the browser’s instructions to delete the saved password and log in with the valid password.

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