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Auto Loans

  • Lowest possible auto loan payment
  • Loan rate discounts
  • Payment flexibility: Choose when to make your payment and Skip-A-Payment options

Getting the Lowest Possible Auto Loan Payment

We offer a special program that allows us to either meet or beat other financial institutions' offers. Simply bring us another financial institution's offer in writing and we will meet or beat the rate, or give you $50!*

* Based on approved credit. Meet or Beat applies to credit union, bank or dealer financing, excluding manufacturer financing and rate buy-downs. May affect certain terms of the loan.

Compare and Save

Decide on the discounts, payment schedule, and perks you want. Then fill out our quick and easy instant approval loan application. You'll be on your way to a new vehicle in 45 seconds or less.

Loan Rate Discount

Earn an additional .25% discount off our already low interest rates when you have your paycheck directly deposited to your Cabrillo checking account.**

Click here for further rate details.

** Discount does not apply to Meet or Beat Rate.

Choose When to Make Your Payment

  • Select Your Payment Date: Pick the payment day that suits you best. If you change your mind later, no problem!
  • Choose Monthly or Bi-Weekly (26 payments annually): To give you better monthly cash flow, you have the option to pay every other week or once a month. When you pay every other week, you reduce the payment amount and save even more money!


There are two opportunities a year to possibly skip your loan payment!

  1. December - That's right, don't pay it - free up more cash for holiday shopping and celebrating. Whenever you choose this option, it will push the terms of your loan back one month.*
  2. eSkip  Between March and October 31, you may be eligible to waive one Cabrillo loan payment on qualifying loans* for a small fee.

* Based on approved credit. May affect certain terms of the loan.

Sign Your Loan Documents Electronically - No Branch Visit Needed

Visiting a branch to sign your loan documents may be a thing of the past with Cabrillo’s electronic document signing tool. Depending upon the loan, you may be able to simply sign your loan documents electronically and never have to leave the comfort of your home or office. This electronic document signing tool is completely secure and safe.

Don’t forget to ask a loan officer for electronic document signing today.

DMV Fee Financing and Paperwork

Save time and hassle when buying or refinancing a vehicle. Simply let us roll the registration fees into your loan and we will handle all of the DMV paperwork.

DMV Add-On*

Upon request, Cabrillo will add your annual registration fee to your Cabrillo Auto Loan.

Here is how it works:

  •  Provide us with a copy of your renewal notice
  •  Amount of renewal is added to your loan
  •  Funds are either applied to your account for payment or reimbursed to you

Speak to one of our representatives for restrictions and details.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

This coverage includes reimbursement for reasonable costs to repair or replace any breakdown of mechanical or electrical parts. Our MBP is as good as or better than any MBP offered through the dealership - at a fraction of the cost.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

If your vehicle is stolen or accidentally damaged beyond repair, GAP covers the difference between your insurance coverage and the amount you owe on your loan. ‡Plus you will receive an additional $1,000 if you finance your replacement vehicle with us.

*Account must be in good standing

‡The vehicle must be officially declared stolen or a total loss.


We'll Find Your Dream Car

To help make your auto purchase easier, we have teamed up with New Cars Inc., our auto locator, whose sole purpose is to find the cars members are looking for. You don’t have time to shop every car lot in town, that’s why New Cars Inc. is here – to benefit you. Each used vehicle offered to Cabrillo members has passed a strict independent inspection process. Whether you want to shop their online used car inventory, request a new car search, or receive a trade-in value quote on your current vehicle, you will always get a great value and drive away happy.

Looking for something special?
Please contact New Cars Inc. to get started on finding the right car, truck or SUV for you. They'll do all the work and even drive it to the Cabrillo branch nearest you, so all you have to do is sign and drive away in your new car.

Does leasing a car make sense for you? To help you decide, consider the following:


  • Monthly payments and down payments are often reasonable
  • Most repairs are covered by warranty
  • Sales tax is low
  • You can drive a new car every few years
  • You never have to sell it; just return it at the term's end


  • Equity is never gained
  • Buying out the lease is much more expensive than purchasing it in the first place
  • Exceeding the mileage limit and nicks and dings are costly
  • Lease offers can be very confusing
  • Getting out of a lease is difficult and expensive

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