Type of Loan Platinum APR* Rate Type Max Amt Max Term
New Car a b e g 1.90% Fixed no max 48 months
New Car a b e g 2.90% Fixed no max 84 months
Used Car (up to 5 years old) a b e g 3.90% Fixed no max 84 months
Used Car (6 years and older) a b e g 4.90% Fixed no max 84 months
New/Used RVs b c e 7.90% Fixed no max 120 months
New/Used Motorcycles b c e f 7.90% Fixed no max 72 months
Share Secured ** Fixed *** 120 months
Other Collateral New/Used b c d e 13.90% Fixed no max 36 months
Personal b e 12.90% Fixed $25,000 60 months
Look Sharp b e 12.90% Fixed $25,000 60 months
Overdraft b e 14.90% Fixed $1,000 Revolving

* APR - Annual Percentage Rate. All interest rates quoted are annual percentage rates and are on approved credit. They all include the following discounts: 1.00% Direct Deposit/Auto-Transfer from Checking or Savings (Member must have a Cabrillo Checking Account) AND 0.5% for either of the following: Aggregate Share Balance of greater than $10,000, or 20% under Loan to Value Maximum. Discounts do not apply to Meet or Beat rates. Maximum Discount is 1.50%. Platinum rate is the lowest rate.
** Share/Certificate Rate + 3%
*** 100% of Share/Certificate
a An additional 0.25% rate discount is applied on hybrid vehicle loans for hybrid vehicles as described in U.S. Departments of Energy's Fuel Economy Guide.
b  All interest rate quotes include the following discounts: 1.00% Direct Deposit/Auto Transfer from Checking or Savings (Member must have a Cabrillo Checking Account) and 0.5% Aggregate Share Balance.
c 80% Financing
d 60% Financing
e If Direct Deposit is unavailable, account may qualify for 0.5% rate reduction for automatic transfer from Cabrillo Checking Account. Maximum rate discount is 1.00%.

f 90% Financing for new purchase. 80% Financing for used. Rate is for Platinum members.
g New is defined as last year, current year or next year models and less than 10,000 miles. Used is the current year minus the year of the auto.

Rates are based on credit worthiness of individual borrower and are not intended to be a commitment to the loan type or loan amount for which you may qualify. On approved credit. This page is to be used for informational purposes only.

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